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13th July 2020

The Perfect Cold Email Marketing Strategy

Tamás Szabó
email marketing expert

I promise you this strategy is going to boost your cold email campaigns and will make you successful in cold email marketing. There are many cold email sites but without giving you the strategy to succeed.

I am going to teach you

How you can turn COLD contacts into HOT buyers, how you can maximize your profit with cold email marketing.

I have created a strategy to become successful in cold email marketing, and now I'm sharing this strategy with you for free.

You will learn

  • How you can maximize your sales with cold email marketing.
  • How you can deliver more emails.
  • How you get in peoples INBOX's.
  • How you can make people respond to your emails.
  • How you can make them click on your links.
  • And ultimately how you can make more profit.

This is a step by step strategy

To truly succeed with my strategy you will need to follow all these steps because all steps are crucial in order to succeed. Cold email marketing can be used to sell anything online or offline but only if you use it the right way. Do not skip any of these steps!

  1. The 3 principles of marketing!
  2. Find the right contacts!
  3. Write emails they want to read!
  4. Use the right software for sending your emails!
  5. Do not to screw up your email campaigns!
  6. BONUS: How not to be cold?

The 3 Principles of Marketing - Crucial Basics

This is why they are going to buy from you!

Cold email marketing is based on the foundations of pure marketing. It is important to understand there is a huge difference between a spammer and a cold email marketer. If your cold email marketing really applies the basic principles of marketing you will not be a spammer but a successful cold email marketer.

What is marketing?

Marketing is to get the right message to the right people using the right channels.

Let's see this sentence in a little more details:

  1. Right message: you must create a compelling message that attracts your prospect. Many forget to see things from their buyers point of view.

    Create a Unique Selling Proposition (USP): your offer must be unique and highlights benefits that are meaningful to consumers.

    When writing a cold email your goal is not to sell something in the first email. Hence your your USP will be slightly different. You must answer the questions:
    - Why should I do what you want me to do instead of doing something else, including not doing anything at all?
    - Why is it going to be better for me if I do what you want me to do?

    In cold email campaigns you must not approach your prospects with a direct sales offer. You first need to get into a conversation eg. reply your email, schedule a call, attend a webinar, use a free trial... You will read more about this in the write emails they want to read section.
  2. Right people: Send your message to people how would greatly benefit from your USP!
    You might have created the best USP but if you are marketing it to people who are not interested in having such a benefit in their lives, you are wasting your time.

    Many advertisers want to get their message in front of many people hoping a few might be interested. Well, in email marketing we call them spammers. :) 

    Basic principle of marketing is to target the narrowest audience possible. Decide who is your perfect customer. This is the most important point before you send out a single email to your list. Make sure you have the right people on your list.

    Perfect customer: describe the people who are your upmost perfect customers. Who will leave the extra profit in your pockets.

    If you are sending emails to people who wouldn't benefit from your USP they will mark your email as spam.
  3. Right channels: Generally speaking you should advertise your USP on every available channels that can reach your perfect customers.

    However, cold email marketing stands out with huge benefits and very low costs.

    Benefits of cold email marketing against other marketing channels:
    - relatively low cost (cold email softwares charge around $1,000 per year)
    - customised messages (e.g. name), unlike any adverts
    - not intruding the prospects private area, unlike cold calls

Write emails they want to read!

Cold email campaigns are perfect way to get someone to schedule a call, a demo or a webinar, try your service, start a partnership, and many other ways to get into your sales funnel, but only if you do it the right way.

In case you skipped the previous sections, go back and read them. You cannot write a single email before you understood the basic principles of marketing nor until you have created the image of your perfect customer.

Start small, scale only what works

It is normally best to start your cold campaigns manually to find out what works best in your industry. But even when you first set up a campaign in ColdCampaigns you need to start sending only a few emails a day. And only start slowly scaling when your campaign performs well.

Your ColdCampaigns

When you create a cold email campaign you are not sending salesy messages to everyone possible because cold email campaigns are not spamming! Your messages need to be sent to people who are interested in your valuable offer.

But how you can make them read your emails? Let's dive into it!

Your emails have the following important parts:

  • From name & email
  • Subject lines
  • Main message
  • Call to action (CTA)
  • Signautre
  • Ps line(s)

First let's understand how each of these translate by your prospect...

Receiving an email by a prospect

Before we talk about how you write each of these you need to understand what they are for.

  • When your email arrives into their inbox is like when you step in someones office.
  • The email from name is your introduction. "My name is [first_name] I work for [company_name]"
  • The subject line is like your first sentence: "Hey I would like to talk to you about ..., do you have 30 seconds?"
  • When they click on your email, it's like this: "I don't but really, but I give you 10, what have you got to say?"
  • Your main message is when you talk for 10-15 seconds. You don't have time to tell your life story. You need to be sharp and enthusiastic about what you have to offer.
  • At the end of your short pitch you have the CTA. "I value your time, do you want to schedule a meeting with me when we can talk through your options?"
  • Your signature stands for this: "Okay, thank you for your time. Here is my card if you need anything"
  • And the PS line is a final touch as you are walking out of the office. "You have a beautiful office here!"

From name & email

This is the first point when you need to establish trust! Everyone is talking about the perfect subject line. But don't treat your recipients as if they were stupid.

Common from name & email mistakes:

  • From name is your company name or your initials. People are social creatures. We want to receive emails from people. Use your first name in the from name. You may combine with your company name eg. [first name] - [company name]
  • From name is your email. You cannot expect anyone to trust you unless you introduce yourself. Introduction starts the second they see your email.
  • Generic sender email. Make it human! Noone wants to receive an email form a guy with an email address [email protected] or [email protected] Use your name in the email eg. [email protected]
  • Sender email is a free email. Many businesses use Gmail emails hence we treat them as an exception. But don't send business outreach emails from a Yahoo or AOL account. They won't think you are an expert on your field.

Subject lines

Subject lines are overrated by spammers. But real marketers put a lot of effort into more important things such as finding the right prospects, enrich their data, offer something really valuable for the prospects.

If you did select the right people and you have created the right message they WILL open your email.

Subject lines are a summary of your email. They should be treated as a promise about your email. It must summarise the content of your email.

In cold email marketing you must never use spammy subject lines. If you are serious and you want to do business with them you need to be open, upfront and trustworthy marketer.

Keep your subject lines short and simple, direct and specific! Keep them 30-40 characters long and don't use tricks to make them click on your email.

In cold email marketing it is not a good practice to use the prospects first name in the subject line. If you would like to personalise your subject, you better use the company name.

Main message, CTA, Signature & PS

Before you start writing your first email you need

  1. Decide what is your desired action that you want the recipient to take.
  2. Create your unique selling proposition USP. But you need to step outside of the generic selling for a second. Answer this: Why should the recipient take the action you desire now?
  3. Create value for them!

When you are writing your email keep the following points in mind:

  • Normally the best start is a friendly salutation, but in case you have low list quality you may even skip salutation.
  • Use the language that your recipients use.
  • Keep your paragraphs short. Don't exceed 5 lines on a mobile screen. Shorter the better.
  • Show that you know them, trust them and you care about them.
  • Your USP: what you want them to do and why they want to do it NOW! Basically ask for something and give them something in return.
  • Often your CTA is not more than asking for a reply to your email or to schedule a call. Your goal here is to start a conversation.
  • Signature should be kept simple too: name, position, company name with a link to your website, maybe phone number. No email, no fax, no many images.
  • PS lines are read by almost everyone. This is a great way to send a final personal message.

Use the right software for sending your emails!

In July 2020 I am going to launch a new cold email marketing software that is going to bring a huge change to the market. There are several cold email softwares on the market right now. But they don't focus on providing the most suitable software for cold emailers.

On the 13th of July 2020 you can get a preview of ColdCampaigns' cold email marketing tool.

Do not to screw up your cold email campaigns!

Simply put: Don't be a SPAMMER!

What is the difference between spam and cold emails?

  • Spam is sent to a large list of people, to all email addresses possible, while cold email outreach is sent to a small carefully selected list I have explained above.
  • Spammers intention is to cause harm, threaten, or intimidate someone into giving up their personal information. Cold email outreach is a legitim way of trying to get in touch with someone to do business with them. Show the prospect genuine interest in helping him, resonate with your potential buyer’s needs.
  • Spam targets B2B and B2C contacts as well. Cold emails are designed for B2B, there are however a few examples of B2C.
  • Spammers often misrepresenting themself. In cold emails we are sending email from our real email account, we are using our everyday domain, our real business details and our real name. Make sure your information is visible in your email’s “from”, “to” and “reply to” and also on your signature - you should have your company’s information on your signature.
  • Spammers intend to sell on the first email. In cold email marketing we first establish trust, then we sell.
  • Spammers send very aggressive salesy messages like 'CLICK NOW TO GET FREE'. In cold email we focus on getting the prospects attention and to get them into our sales funnel.

BONUS: How not to be cold?

Many argue that cold email marketing is difficult because my prospects don't know us yet. In some cases it can be a hard to connect with someone who never heard of you before.

Thanks God (and the internet) it is easier than ever.

Become familiar

We are living in an online world and it has never been simpler to connect with someone. We might live in different countries. We might have a different mother tone. We might have never met before. But we might feel that we know someone. Because that person is familiar from somewhere.

When you receive an email tomorrow you might not even remember where you know that person from. He is just simply familiar. Or you just simply know who he is and you are happy to hear from him.

But how you become familiar for cold prospects?

Both Google and Facebook offers advertising for custom audiences. On both platforms you can create marketing campaigns for a built email list.

When you have an email list ready for cold campaigns you can upload the same list into Facebook or Google Ads and start an advertisement for them.

In this advert the only thing you are selling is yourself. Use the power of display advertisement and make them see your face several times every day. Make them learn your name. Make them learn your story. Create an image of yourself they want to do business with. And in a couple of weeks when they receive your first email they will know you. They won't feel you have intruded their world. They are actually expecting you and will be pleased to hear from you.

Facebook Customer List Custom Audience

You can find more information about Customer Lists on Facebook here:

Google Ads Customer Match

Customer Match is currently not available for all customers. Only if:

  • A good history of policy compliance.
  • A good payment history.
  • At least 90 days' history in Google Ads.
  • More than USD 50,000 total lifetime spend.

You can find more information about Customer Match on Google Suppoirt Site here: